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SpringHealth takes pride in the quality and experience of all our team members.

Tabitha Burkhart-Wilson, Vice President

Tabitha Burkhart-Wilson

Vice President

Tabitha has a master’s degree in clinical psychology with emphasis on mental health and deafness, also a master’s in business administration. She is a licensed psychological practitioner and is the vice president of SpringHealth Behavioral Health and Integrated Care. Tabitha has more than 14 years of diversified progressive experience within the behavioral healthcare industry. Her background is broad and cuts across government and community relations, regulatory and legislative processes, financial management, crisis management, direct treatment and performance/quality development.

rashai reynolds

RaShai Reynolds

Regional Director, Georgia, Indiana & Kentucky

RaShai is a doctoral candidate and will earn her doctorate of philosophy in psychology with a focus in behavior analysis. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has worked in the field with individuals having a variety of diagnoses including autism, intellectual disabilities, and mental illnesses for the past 10 years. RaShai is an advocate for equality efforts in ABA and disseminating the science of behavior analysis through university teaching, participation in panels, presentations, community service, and supervision.

Pilar Britton

Supervisor, Northern Indiana

Pilar has a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis with concentration in autism through Ball State University. Pilar is a supervisor in Indiana. She has been working in the field for over four years and has experience with youth and adults on the autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities.

Andrea Gere

State Director, Indiana

Andrea is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a master of arts degree in clinical psychology from Spalding University. Andrea has more than 20 years of experience in the field working with individuals who have dual diagnoses of mental illness and intellectual disabilities. Andrea continues to remain involved at her alma mater, the University of Southern Indiana, offering training and lectures.

jillian humphrey

Jillian Humphrey

Supervisor, Southern Indiana

Jill is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst with a master’s degree in educational leadership and post-baccalaureate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis. Jill has worked in this field for over three years. She began her career as an inclusive classroom teacher, working with a wide variety of intellectual disabilities. Since 2018, Jill has been using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in residential facilities to help adults with disabilities lead a more productive and fulfilling life.

Susan “Suzy” Finigan

State Director, Illinois

Suzy is a board certified behavior analyst with a master of arts degree in human services with an emphasis in child and family studies. She is the supervisor for Illinois. Suzy has worked in the field for over 7 years. She began her career working with children who were medically fragile and dependent on technology. In 2013, Suzy started serving adults and youth with dual diagnoses who experienced physical, emotional, communicative or environmental challenges.

Brittany-Rene González

State Director, California

Brittany has a masters of science degree in applied behavior analysis and is a board-certified behavior analyst. She is the state director of California and has been working in the mental health field for 10 years. Brittany began her career serving children diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder through in-home services in 2009. Since then Brittany has specialized in highly aggressive adult residential services, in-home children services for a wide variety of diagnoses, clinic-based applied behavior analysis, early intervention services and community-based social skills programming.


michelle willingham

Michelle Willingham

State Director, Virginia

Michelle has a master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavioral Analysis as well a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. She is a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is the State Director of Virginia for SpringHealth Behavioral Health and Integrated Care. Michelle has 18 years of experience in the behavioral healthcare field. Michelle’s expertise includes clinical care of patients with age ranges from 18 months to 65 years of age for those diagnosed with multiple cognitive and behavioral disabilities and disorders, as well as developmental disabilities. Michelle specializes in high acuity clients with behavioral concerns, language developmental, and feeding disorders. Michelle has maintained a leadership position within the behavioral healthcare field for over 10 years of her career.

Hu-Ann Mcnealy

State Director, Georgia

Hu-Ann has a Master’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis, and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Hu-Ann has been working with individuals with disabilities for over eight years and began her career working in group home settings with adults who were dually-diagnosed. Hu-Ann has multiple years of experience working in early-intervention clinics with children who were diagnosed with Autism where the focus was on functional communication, pre-academic skills, social skills, and school readiness.  She also provided school-based services for children in Autism Spectrum Disorder units and children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Hu-Ann has worked extensively in home-based services for children and adults with varying developmental disabilities.